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Let’s have the introduction

We are a Web Design, Web Development, and Digital Marketing company. We are ALPHAXINE.


We, ALPHAXINE, an ISO 9001:2015 certified, web designing and developing organization started our journey from Kolkata, India in 2019. Gradually, we realized that our clients required more than websites or mobile apps. Their actual need is for an all-round digital presence that ensures the brand’s relevance in the World Wide Web and brings in a good ROI. As a result of this realization, we introduced a 360-degree service and support for our clients. Henceforth we are progressing based on constructive reviews and feedback.

We are a group of innovators and experts in the fields of web designing, web development, digital marketing, and programming. With complete transparency and ample communication with our clients, we deliver the digital face of the brand that they are looking for.

In this world, online visibility matters the most. We, ALPHAXINE are proficient at creating smart business solutions and outlining the online market in order to leverage the swing towards digitalization. Catapulting any business to success through a strategized campaign, from website creation to digital marketing, is what we do best.

“WE CARE” FOR PEOPLE – Our Core Values

  • Winnability: We are having high winnability for us as well as for our clients.
  • Envision: The future is depending on the right talent, right competence, and the right technology. Ours envision gives us competitive advantages.
  • Commitment: We are devoted to honoring our commitments in delivering quality service as promised within the stipulated time frame.
  • Accountability: We accept responsibility for our individual and collective approach and action.
  • Reliability: We act with integrity & respect our clients’ confidence for entrusting us with organizational information
  • Excellence: We strive for exceeding the expectation of our clients and always ready to implement bold initiatives to meet the challenges ahead.


  1. To provide our clients with creative, professional, and customized business solutions in order to cater to their organizational needs and face the challenges every day they meet.
  2. To bring numerous business ventures online into digital platforms.
  3. To build a vibrant organization by providing quality staffing solutions, along with innovating ourselves constantly, to be the leader of global trends in the sector. We also have a mission to change lives every day – one job at a time.
  4. Enable customers to become wealthier.


  1. To be one of the most preferred digital partners to drive business through IT.
  2. To increase our client’s revenue by ensuring greater visibility.
  3. To be one of the most preferred and reliable sources for integrated Manpower Solution.
  4. Financial Advisory Service (Portfolio Management, advisory service Only Direct Mutual Funds and Value investing for stocks). No tips for trading. No product preference.
  5. All other solutions offered to our clients driven with expertise and knowledge to be recognized as the most renowned company in its space.

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