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As a service provider, we aim to provide complete transparency to all our clients about how we tackle a project step by step.
  1. Brand Value Estimation: While discussing with a prospective client who has come to us for his or her requirement on website creation or digital marketing or software development or any other IT related work the first step we follow is to make a note of the existing website or system or brand value and the expected results. This helps us to understand the expectations of the client which he or she has from our work.
  2. Competition Analysis: We analyze the online and offline market thoroughly to recognize the competitors of the brand on which we will be working on. Following this, we get an idea of the existing marketing trends and it helps us to deliver something distinctive and fascinating.
  3. Identifying the Needs of Clients: For us, it is very essential to have a detailed discussion with the client about their ideas and vision for their requirements/brand. We assured them that we can deliver the best as per their demand. Following our discussion, we provide the project timeline with detailed milestone.
  4. Position for Technology: In this current digital world if one can not upgrade with time he or she will fall behind. As an enthusiastic technology-driven company we learn and upgrade on a regular basis.
  5. Work Plan: When the scope and the timeline of the project are decided we divide the task into short term work goals(sprint). We complete the entire project in the different phases following agile methodology. 
  6. Sprints Wise Work Displayed: After each sprint, we reach towards the final goal of project delivery. Therefore we set up meetings with the client in each sprint to show them the progress of the work and put on record any feedback accordingly.
  7. Incorporating Client Feedback: The feedback by the client from each sprint meeting is incorporated in the subsequent sprint. As a result of the agile methodology followed by us the final objective of the client is achieved.

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