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SAP Ariba


Ariba Supplier Lifecycle & Performance (SLP) 

The Smart Insights feature lets you dig deeper into your data visualizations without manual effort. With a click, you can reveal the top contributors behind values or variances, understand the factors contributing to your KPIs, and more. Sophisticated algorithms run on the fly to suggest additional visualizations you may want to add to your data story – along with text explanations and context generated in natural language. 

  • The vendor data model in the cloud 
  • Bidirectional synchronization 
  • Near real-time updates for supplier creation, changes, and inactivation between systems 
  • Reduction of manual effort 
  • Systematic management of Supplier Lifecycle Processes 

Ariba Sourcing Solutions 

SAP Ariba Sourcing, is an intuitive, web-based RFX management tool that empowers you to create, execute, and manage sourcing events right from your desktop
Sourcing Projects provide a single place to view all project-related information and allow the standardization of similar projects. It also allows the creation of project templates. 

  • Phases, activities/milestones 
  • Tasks 
  • Documents
  • Quotes/Negotiations 

A sourcing project may have multiple events to model multi-stage sourcing: RFI, RFP, etc. The event contents include items, price terms, requirements, questions, etc. as well as envelopes where applicable. 

Ariba Contract Management 

Contract management is of critical importance to effective business commerce. With SAP Ariba Contracts, companies can connect directly with customers when creating, negotiating, executing, and managing the ongoing administration of contracts. 

  • Ariba Contracts can be used for internal and external (supplier) collaboration in contract lifecycle processes. 
  • It can keep a track of all contracts with secure electronic storage and search tools for access on demand. 
  • Additionally, one can create contracts quickly and easily using pre-approved templates and legal clauses 


Ariba Digital Supply Network (DSN) 

Ariba Network is a hosted service that enables a company to form relationships with their suppliers and conduct order and invoicing transactions over the Internet.
After a supplier has been enabled on the ARIBA Network, the buying organization can trigger place orders, and suppliers in turn can create order-based invoices. If the Customer allows, suppliers can also create invoices that are not based on a purchase order.
Through ARIBA Network, customers and suppliers can seamlessly integrate their invoicing processes on a single network 


In the integration approach, the data between SAP Ariba and SAP ERP flows in and out via Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG)

In Ariba Upstream Solution Integration the purchase requisition created in SAP ERP, followed by the creation of the request for quotation, gets transferred to Ariba Sourcing via CIG. The remaining procurement steps, such as suppliers’ quotes submissions and delivery and payment terms comparison, take place in Ariba Sourcing. When a procurement planner awards a supplier with an order, the data is transferred back to SAP ERP in the form of contracts or purchase orders.

Ariba Downstream Solution Integration The supplier maintains information in Ariba such as confirming having received the purchase order and informing on advanced shipping notification. The goods receipt in Ariba triggers an automatic goods receipt in SAP ERP

In Ariba Network Solution Integration, Ariba Network is a central collaboration hub between buyers and suppliers and remains so until the buyer awards a purchase order to a selected supplier.
SAP Ariba not only integrates with SAP ERP for materials procurement, but also for services procurement 


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