Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Investing a large amount of money in an advertising campaign is not necessarily giving the desired result.  ALPHAXINE understands the value of your money and time. Therefore  we offer you the best  in class PPC services which earns  customers quantitatively and qualitatively.

PPC or pay per click is an advertising process that helps you to buy clicks on your ads, which could have taken a prolonged tenure if the visits were earned organically.

In simple terms, while you tie-up with a PPC agency, the agency will publish or run ads on the preferred search engine. Every time your ad gets clicked and your website earns a visitor you pay the search engine a predetermined fee.

Our internet marketing agency, with Pay per click, offers the following benefits –

  • It is pocket friendly as you pay only after you earn a visitor.
  • You can target your ad and decide where you want to run your ad to reach your target audience faster.
  • You get to earn visitors faster.
  • Helps you to get the audience.
  • Compliments your SEO strategy.

What else do we offer?

Pay per click offers a higher ROI as you are required to pay a minimum fee per ad as compared to the profit you make against the sales. Also, we help you to manage your keyword while your ad is published to make it SEO friendly. Our team of SEO EXPERTS performs qualitative and qualitative keyword research to develop the best SEO content and help your ad to be on the top.

Being on top increases its visibility which escalates the number of clicks on your ads and visitors on your website.

Need more visitors?

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