Learning & Development

Training & Development is a continuous process for an individual to achieve its goals by improving the skills and knowledge of the individual.


  • The training and development function in an Insitute has gained a lot of importance due to advancements in technology and changes in market forces.
  • Training is basically a systematic procedure for transferring technical know-how to the students/future employees so as to increase their knowledge and skills for doing particular jobs.
  • Training usually involves teaching operational or technical students/future employees on how to do their jobs more effectively and/or efficiently. Training is a process of teaching students/ new employees the basic skills to perform their jobs.
  • Efforts made to improve students’/employee’s ability to handle a variety of assignments.


  • Development is a process of preparing students/employees for the future position and improve their personal skills to handle the critical situations in an organization.
  • Development is generally aimed at helping managers better understand and solve problems, make decisions, and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Development is often considered an HR function.
  • Development is broader in scope and focuses on individual’s gaining new capabilities useful for both present and future jobs.

“Remember, training is not what is ultimately important… Performance is.”

– Marc Rosenberg

And We create a performer. A robot can be well trained, but humans can be developed into a better person.