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Digital Legal Case management application for Law firm

The modern business world strives to increase efficiency – and the use of modern IT systems is a key tool in that regard.

The ideal digital case management system would address a number of aspects, including – most importantly – the management of documents. All documents submitted in a particular case would be run exclusively through a single platform.

All communications and exhibits would automatically be filed in the appropriate place and could thus easily be found when needed. Everything, i.e. the complete record of the case, would be stored in one place, accessible instantly and regardless of a user’s location and whether a PC, tablet, or smartphone is being used. Hard copy files could thus be completely avoided, as could the need for hearing bundles as well as the costly and tedious exercise of transporting them to and from the hearing venue.

Features of Alphaxine developed Digital Legal Case Management System:

  • Dashboard
  • HR Management
    • Client Management
    • Employee Management with Attendance
    • User Role Management
    • Holidays
  • Activity Log Tracking
  • Manage Court
    • Court List
    • Add Court
  • Manage Case
    • Case List
    • Add Case (Upload Document)
    • Categories
  • Manage To Do
    • To-do list
    • Add To-Do
  • Manage Judgement
  • File Manager (Storage Location​)
  • Manage Admin Work
  • Manage Assessment
  • Manage Contact

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